Our little visitor.

Tonight, our daughter arrived home from studying with a friend to find this little greeter by the front door:


A young possum (or opossum as I grew up calling them) had clambered up onto our front steps. Yes, it looks sort of like an overgrown rat, especially with that naked, prehensile tail, but it’s actually a marsupial–like a kangaroo or a wombat or a wallaby or a koala or a Tasmanian devil. Suddenly, I want to watch some Looney Tunes…and have a snack.

Anyway, the poor little guy (girl?) was obviously not well-practiced in the art of playing dead, because it merely hissed once at our daughter’s friend, as it sat huddled at the edge of the landing. After blinding it with the flash on my camera, I turned off the front porch light and we left it alone. A short while later, it had gone on its way. Unless it fell off the steps because all it could see was spots from my camera flash. Sorry, little guy…girl. Opossum. Cute lil bugger, isn’t it?

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Intellectual Froglegs 2014 N-2

From his new location in Nashville, Joe Dan Gorman infuses his take on our country’s political news with sardonic humor.

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Walking Thoughts

This morning I was walking my usual (albeit later than usual) 2+ miles around the local city park lake and, also as usual, observing all the Canada Geese that have made the lake their summer home. They are so used to humans that unless they have very little ones, are rarely aggressive…unlike another set of Canada Geese I met on a recent camping trip. (That’s another story involving five mean attacking geese, four screaming/laughing/running girls and women and at least one dangerously close need for a pair of Depends.)

So as I was walking with no conversation other than the thoughts in my head, I thought to myself how graceful the geese look. So elegant with their curved necks and striking markings.

geese photo 1(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 5(1)

photo 4(3)

photo 5

THEN…I saw this:

photo 4(4)

I laughed as I thought, “Bottoms UP!” Getting whatever the goose equivalent of mooning is called does not look at all graceful or elegant! Comical, yes. I wonder what was so good under there….

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How To Grow Amazing Tomatoes This Year!


Some great gardening advice!

Originally posted on Old World Garden Farms :

Whether fresh or canned - we use tomatoes from our garden nearly every day of the year.

Whether fresh or canned – we use tomatoes from our garden nearly every day of the year.

Without a doubt –  tomatoes are the most important crop we grow in our garden.

In fact, we use our home-grown tomatoes and tomato based products nearly 365 days a year. In the summertime – we eat them right off the vine, in salads, hamburgers, sauces and more. In the fall and winter months, we enjoy the tomato juice, vegetable soup, chili, salsa, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and ketchup that we have canned or frozen from the summer’s bounty.

Here are some valuable hints, tips and tricks we have learned over the years to grow a bumper crop of tomatoes:

1.  The When, How And Where Of Planting Tomatoes:

Pick a bright, sunny location for your tomatoes.

Pick a bright, sunny location for your tomatoes.

WHEN TO PLANT: Tomatoes are just about the last thing that get planted in our garden.  Tomatoes…

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I have been conspicuous by my absence, lately, except for postings of videos that interest me and (maybe) you. I told my Southern Man that I need to get blogging, again, hopefully with some recipes. Yum!! Meanwhile, we have been busy with life, just like everyone else who is…living. One child is learning some life lessons while off at college; nothing bad, just learning about life as a responsible adult trying to find their way. I remember those days! The process never really ends, does it? The other child, once quiet and somewhat aloof, has blossomed at her new school with new friends, a new church and youth group, and extracurricular activities. We’re very proud of both our children. We have been truly blessed.

So, I hope all is well in YOUR lives. Back soon! :)

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Intellectual Froglegs 2014 #6

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Intellectual Froglegs 2014 #5

I’ve been falling behind with posting these videos, put together by Joe Dan Gorman. Enjoy! Or not….

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