The Importance of Hydration

Saturday was hot in Alabama.   Hot, hot, hot!  Ninety-nine degrees hot.  Whew!  Perfect day for a bike race! We missed the start of the race, but here are a couple of the contestants, early on:


And, to stress the importance of adequate hydration and the effect inadequate hydration can have, here are a couple contestants at the end of the race:


Like shrunken, dried-up sponges…poor guys.

Seriously though, I think anyone who moves any faster than a leisurely walk in this kind of heat is amazing, so these guys are like heroes!  And they were really moving, sometimes up to 30 m.p.h.:

Wow! So fast, they were a blur.

Obviously, I need more experience with my camera, but it does give you a feel for how fast they were going, no?

Basically, there were several Criterium bike races throughout the day, like this one for pros.  They all biked a one-mile loop with four sharp turns and, depending on the levels, amateur or pro, did this loop for 30-60 minutes.  Whoever crossed the finish line at the end of that time won.  I’m not sure what they won, but I’m sure it was worth it for them.

Here they are, “cooling down” and, considering the heat of the day,  that phrase is used very loosely:

"cooling down"

Afterward, they had a bike race for the kids.  We left before then, so I’m not sure how far they had to bike.  If it was me, it wouldn’t have been much further than ten feet or so, with the finish line over by the snow cone vendor.

Now, there’s a nice prize!



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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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