Brilliant! (but not TOO brilliant)

I have reached the stage of life when things like this pop off the page and actually excite me.  What does that mean, aside from the fact that my eyes are aging?  (Just my eyes…not the rest of me…no denial, here….)

Aging opens up a whole new box of “toys”.   I’ll call them that to try to put a positive slant on things.  Anyways, not only is this item NEW to me, but it got 13 reviews, 12 of which are 5 stars!  Here’s a few:

“I ordered a pair for myself and my husband liked them so much I had to order a seperate pair for him. You can use the glasses with or without the light or less light by lighting just one side of the glasses. PERFECT for late night bed reading without disturbing your spouse or just to add some additional light in low lit room.”

“i read a lot in the car after dark when taking our Grandkids home, and I love to read in bed. All the lights that I have either keep my Husband up or get in his eyes when he is driving. I LOVE THEM”

“I use these reading glasses every night – I read in bed as my husband sleeps. These glasses make it so much easier – there were many times in the past when I would lie in bed awake and not read to prevent the light from bothering him. Now I can read anytime I want to and not worry about the lighting at all. An extremely convenient product – I have recommended these glasses to all my friends!”

“I use the product to read in bed. They illuminate the page and work well for me. I can read without disturbing my husband and they are bright enough that I do not need another light. Thank you.”

and finally:

“I use these readers nearly every night and they are truly a Godsend!! They have finally ended years of arguments about when to turn out the lights. Now, my husband goes to sleep while I read in peace!! I bought two more pairs for my sisters!”

Do you see the theme here?  Out of the 13 reviews (you can read the rest of them at the actual website), 5 of them mentioned a bone of contention that sometimes occurs in our marriage.  I’m a night owl;  my Southern man isn’t.  He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat (usually);  I’m a life-long insomniac.  Occasionally, however, he has nights where the light from my lamp bothers him.  Apparently 40% of other marriages have this same issue!  These “readers” (as those of us with presbyopia call them) are such a simple, inexpensive fix!  (I already emailed the article to my Southern man with the word “Christmas”.)  If only all marital problems could be solved so easily and cheaply…

And, on a side note, doesn’t the word “presbyopia” sound dignified and edumacated?  And kind of religious?

In case you missed the subtle link, here it is: 

LED Eyeglasses

Boy, that writing came out big!!


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2 Responses to Brilliant! (but not TOO brilliant)

  1. That’s funny how comments about glasses turn into comments about marital strife.


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