It’s Thanksgiving (then Christmas)

As I mentioned yesterday, I am not quite “ready” for Thanksgiving.  Still trying to accept the weather thing.  I think my mind accepts it, but my body clock and a lifetime of New England living haven’t synced with my mind and, apparently, they are still in charge.  End result:  I’m not quite “ready” for Thanksgiving.  Proof of this was when, once again, I told my daughter that she should budget her lunch money to include next week, rather than use it all this week.  That’s when she reminded me, once again, that, “Mo-om, we don’t have school next week!”  “Oh, yes, that’s right,” I quickly replied.   Oops.  Forgot they have the whole week off.  The whole week!  That’s new, too!

The six seven paltry (that’s paltry, not poultry) harvest decorations I kept for our relocation aren’t strong enough to make a Thanksgiving ambiance in our home, either, which doesn’t help.  To add to the confusion, everything you see in the retail world is Christmas.  Even the city put up the glittery-garlanded utility pole decorations throughout town about a month ago.  I know that, for retailers, it’s about making money and I have no problem with that (theoretically speaking, in my personal case), but I find that Thanksgiving almost gets ignored.  Kind of like the middle child between Halloween and Christmas.  Not that I would know anything about the issues of middle childhood….

I have to be honest here and admit that I DID search for a non-stop Christmas music radio station last week and was so excited when I found one!  (I’ve got it on pre-set, now.)  However, I just can’t bring myself to listen to it yet.  Part of it’s a matter of principle and part of it has to do with all the leaves still on the trees, which is REALLY going to mess me up if they’re still there at Christmas time.  My Southern man has reassured me that the leaves will fall down, soon.  I hope so.  It’s going to be strange enough getting used to milder temperatures and palm trees at Christmas-time.  (Let me take a moment to apologize to my Northern friends for what may seem like complaining about warm weather and palm trees, while you’re all  shivering.  I’ll stop now.)

So, I am trying to put it in my head that Thanksgiving is in ONE WEEK!  I think I’ll be all set once this year’s is all over.  You see, we will actually have two Thanksgivings–a double whammy.  One on Thursday at our church and one on Sunday up north (as opposed to up North) with my Southern man’s family.  They have always had their meal on Sunday, preceded by a full week of hunting.  This will work out well for next year, if we are able to go up North to visit my side of the family.  We can spend actual Thanksgiving with them and be back for the Sunday meal, down here!  Brilliant!  Unless, of course, there is a major snow event…I think I’ll stick with this year’s planning.

So, this Thanksgiving we’re taking creamy mashed potatoes and a pie to the church.  I think I will be making a Cranberry Surprise Pie.  I’ve seen the recipes in two different places and, so, feel led to make one.  I will probably make the Nantucket Cranberry Pie, though, because it has pecans in it, which is more Southern-style than almonds. I thought about making a pumpkin pie, but that just seems so passé.  (I hope you appreciate that it took me almost a full 5 minutes to figure out how to put that little accent mark over the “e”.) Then I saw one for pecan pie with a whiskey butter sauce, but wasn’t sure how well that would go at a church dinner.  May have to make that one for the family get-together…or maybe just for my Southern man and me….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to It’s Thanksgiving (then Christmas)

  1. Shane Bates says:

    BAHAHAHAHAAHA! I can appreciate the little accent above the “e”! I had to ask a friend in California how to do it instead of risking embarrassment locally.

    How was the pie?


    • rebelwife says:

      You know, I didn’t make the Nantucket Cranberry Pie, because there were absolutely NO frozen cranberries to be found! I’ll have to plan ahead, this year, and try again. Instead, I made a walnut crunch pumpkin pie. It was very good, according to the kids.


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