Finally! Clarification!

Last night I told you about my first car.  Well, when my Southern man read about it, he once again told me, “I’m telling you, it was a 260Z.”  (For years, I said it was a’77 270Z.  Apparently, those don’t exist.)  So, today we investigated it and he confirmed it was, indeed, a 260Z.  Then, he went to get a haircut.  I don’t like to lose, so, I have been on the computer doing some investigation.  I am now more confused than ever.  It appears that the 260Z was manufactured only in 1974 here in the US.   Prior to that, it was the 240Z, which was manufactured until 1978.  My confusion disappeared when I found a picture of one:

Datsun 240Z

When I saw this photo, I remembered that my car also had louvres in the rear window.  Paint it forest green and this is a photo of my car (except not quite so perfect-looking.)  So, it looks like we were both wrong.  As was the man who sold it to me.  Oh, well…at least it had new tires….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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