We have had many good laughs at some of the positions our animals are in while they sleep.  Chloe is particularly flexible:

My back hurts just looking at her.  Imagine yourself in the same position…unless you are a contortionist, I think the word “ouch!” comes to mind.  (Notice the expression in her eyes:  “Yes, you inflexible human servant, it’s a piece of cake to lie like this!  Don’t you wish YOU could?  HA!  Now, either feed me, rub my belly, or leave me ALONE!”)

Our puppy, Skye, is also very flexible.  Her favorite sleeping position seems to be with her head thrown way back, like this:

If you put your cursor over the photo, it will say “skyerm”.  The “rm” stands for Rigor Mortis, which is what her position reminded me of.  A mere ten seconds before I took this picture, she had been wildly playing with that rope toy.  A split second later, I looked down and she was OUT!

Now, remember all those cute photos I took of her taking puppy naps?  Well, her napping faces are a bit…scarier?  Case in point:

I noticed something vaguely familiar about her facial expression, so I rotated it and got this:

Which reminded me of this:

Ed the Hyena from the Lion King movie.  He was the goofy one that usually had his tongue lolling out and always got the giggles.   While looking up his photo, which Skye reminds me of, I found a photo of him that reminds me of Skye.  But first a little background:  Skye is half cattle dog–Blue Heeler.  The other half is Weimaraner.  I call her a Weimarheeler.  Because of her markings, she looks like a Catahoula Leopard Dog and I’ve even had a breeder ask if that’s what she is.  Here’s a picture of one:

See the resemblance?  I sent this photo to my Southern man’s phone, a few months back when Skye was much smaller, and he thought it was her until I told him otherwise.  Not all Catahoula Leopard dogs, or Louisiana Curs as they are also called, look like this, but some do.  You can read about this breed here.

Anyways, back to my point.  Skye is half Blue Heeler and half Weimaraner.  Both breeds can be mouthy.  Because of the cattle dog part of her, she naturally herds the kids, my Southern man, our other dog and her toys, unless disciplined not to.  It can be annoying, at times, cute at others, depending on what she is herding.  (Incidently, she does NOT usually herd me.  I am the alpha female, in my dogs’ eyes and they listen to me better than anyone.  Or so I like to think.  Oh, and she doesn’t herd Chloe, either.  Cats don’t appreciate the art of herding or being herded.)  The Wiemaraner part of her likes to pick objects up and carry them proudly around, head held high, whether its toys, blankets, bones, sticks, or the occasional unfortunate squirrel. 

As part of her training, she has been taught that it is NOT okay to carry any human parts around in her mouth.  Wait, that doesn’t sound very good.  Let me try again.  We don’t allow her to use her mouth on us like she was prone to do as a puppy.  She doesn’t really try to bite us, it’s more like a gentle placing of the teeth on us, a knawing of sorts, I guess or a nudging with her cold, wet nose.  Since she KNOWS she’s not supposed to knaw on us, but she is SO instinctively mouthy (also, add in the puppy/teething factor), she takes her apparent frustration out on her own limbs, including her tail and that brings me back to the photo of Ed that reminds me of Skye:

The slobber may be a little over the top, but the facial expression, including the yellow eyes, is right on!  So, in addition to her nickname, Skyzer-weizer, I may have to include Skyena, as it seems to be more fitting, at least at this stage of her life.


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