Professional vs. Amateur

Our two dogs are very different when it comes to personality, age, ability, appetite, attention-span, and so on.  Our older dog, Nala, is not and never has been good at playing fetch.  She has a very submissive personality and was inadvertently dinged by a frisbee or ball one too many times as a pup, became afraid of objects hurtling towards her and would no longer play.  Wimp.  She DOES like to play chase and tug-of-war, though, so, we’ll give her credit for that.  She also likes to play with her furry, squeaky toys, none of which we have anymore because of dog #2, our 6 month-old pup, Skye.

Skye does NOT have a submissive personality, at least not like her step-mother…sister(?)…whatever people call their animals’ relationships, these days.  So far, we have been able to help Nala keep the upper-hand in the pecking order and it seems to be a stable hierarchy.  Skye, unlike Nala, is not afraid of being dinged by poorly aimed frisbees or balls (good thing, too, since I throw like a girl) both because of her personality, and, I believe,  her high tolerance for pain (see here).  So, she is MUCH better at playing fetch than Nala is which, in turn, makes my Southern man extremely happy because it has satisfied his apparently unfulfilled childhood dream of having a dog that would play fetch.

So, as I said, they both have different abilities with Skye winning in the fetch department.  However, Nala has an ability that Skye has not yet attained:  catching edible objects (popcorn, biscuits, carrot or apple slices, etc.) in her mouth.  This morning, all that was left of the bag of biscuits were a few biscuit tidbits, so I tossed each dog their pieces, one at at time.  First, I took photos of their “game faces”:

Nala's "game face" -- see the intensity?

and next:

Skye's "game face"


So you tell me:  who do you think caught all her biscuit tidbits?  (Let me help you with the information that it took several attempts to keep Skye still long enough to get a decent photo and she is panting profusely.)


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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