Selective Hearing

Yesterday, I whipped up a quick pasta sauce with onions, garlic, spinach, baby portabella mushrooms, served it over penne, then topped it with fresh grated parmesan cheese (and maybe a little epidermis from one of my fingers…shhh!…extra protein!) and served it up.

A minute or so later, my daughter yells, “MO-OMMM!!  There’s no meat in the sauce!”  (I refrained from telling her about the possible piece of epidermis that may or may not have been hiding amongst the grated cheese, perhaps.)

My quick reply, “It’s made with Beefsteak tomatoes!”

“Oh, okay!” she yelled back.

Good one, huh?  Good enough, I thought, to be posted on Facebook.  Later, my daughter read my much-liked status and said, “Oh…well, I didn’t really hear what you said, I just answered you back.”

Hmmm…that is a recurring theme in this house, it seems.  Usually followed up moments or hours later with, “WHAT?!  MO-OMMMM!! YOU NEVER SAID THAT!!” and usually in regards to either something they want but aren’t getting or something I want that they didn’t do.  Must be that selective hearing that men and, apparently, teens have.  I think my daughter will grow out of it because we women, especially MO-OMMMS hear everything!  I don’t have high hopes for my son outgrowing it, however.  It is probably just practice for when he has a wife….

Meanwhile, for any future wives or moms out there, I suggest you spend a few minutes each day standing in front of and talking to this: 

That way, you may be able to condition yourselves to be able to handle talking to your future human brick walls and, perhaps, significantly cut down on the numbers and early proliferation of silver hairs on your heads.


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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