After having previously tried putting a weather information box on my blog, I finally got one that works…or that I could figure out how to get to work, compliments of Weather For You compliments of Big Bama Country “the Bull”‘s website, where I saw and admired their snazzy link.  I couldn’t get that same one to fit on my page, so I went with a less snazzy version.  Isn’t the word “snazzy” cool?  And outdated?  Oh, well…still works!  Speaking of “still works”, I was so excited when I clicked on my blog and saw that the dates on the weather box had updated, “It works!!” I smiled to myself. “Yay!!”

And, if you want your own weather info box, click on the link above and click on “tools”–pick whichever snazzy or not-so-snazzy version you want, put in your town and state and they’ll give you an html code to use.  Or you could put in a totally different place like North Pole, AK or Hell, MI and post their weather just for the edification of your readers or yourself.  Incidently, it is neither as hot as you would think it should be in Hell, nor as cold as you’d think at the North Pole…go figure….  I can also state, for the record, that it is hotter than Hell where I live, right now.  And so dry that it’s crunchy outside!

(Turns out you can’t get a weather box for Hell, MI.  The town of Hell is so small that they don’t exist in the “Weather For You” database.  However, Hell does exist and it is still cooler than down here in L.A..)


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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