It’s all relative…

Isn’t it amazing how cool an 80° house can feel when it’s over 100° outside?  (Note the little degree mark?  I’ve added it to my repertoire of marks I didn’t know how to make, like the accent marks over certain letters like é.  It’s a big accomplishment for a computer illiterate,  me!)  Meanwhile, I read that a nearby city opened up a cooling station for people to stop in and cool down.  We have one of those, too, that the kids use, except we just call it the fridge or the freezer.

I remember how, on a particularly “warm” winter day in New England, if the thermometer hit the 50’s, kids (crazy, wishful -thinking ones, I thought) would wear shorts and we’d all practically have sweat beads on our foreheads.  “Whew, it’s so warm, today!”  Now, here I am, “chillin'” in my nice, 80° house.  It really is all relative, isn’t it.  Now, if you are feeling a bit too toasty for comfort, stare at this:

Frozen New Hampshire Lake

Imagine yourself standing on the pond in the crystal clean air (’cause it’s too darn cold for any germs or moisture to exist) with the frigid wind whipping across the pond and freezing any exposed part of your body.  The snow crunches under your boots as you walk out to those rocks that are in about 5 feet of very cold water, one or two feet of which is ice….  Did it help?  Feel any cooler?  If not, then take off your boots and go barefoot.  There, that should do it!

This is a pond across from where we used to live and, yes, those are tire tracks from a truck.  Actually, it may be a four-wheeler.  Whatever it is, it isn’t made for water.  My son and his friend loved to go ice fishing on that pond.  They’d build a fire on the ice, fish in the holes they’d augered and have a grand time, catching and cooking their fish.  Meanwhile, my Southern man never cared much for it.  He always said,”When I cast my lure, it isn’t supposed to bounce!”

Anyways, I hope you’re staying cool, wherever you are.  If you aren’t, go have a big glass of ice water, sweet tea, or one of these:

Mmmm…doesn’t that look good!  Feel free to share–the umbrella is optional.  At least I think that’s what that is…it hasn’t rained here in so long, I don’t remember….

Seriously, though, if you’re in this extreme heat and have neighbors that don’t have AC, be neighborly and check on them, especially if they’re elderly.  Watch those children and animals, too.


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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