Cool Creeks

If you are any sort of country music fan, you know who Tim McGraw is and probably are familiar with his song, “Southern Voice”.  When I first heard it, I loved the word “Apalachicola”.  Isn’t that fun to say?  Now, I get to hear it everyday because it’s relatively close–just down in the Florida panhandle.  It gets mentioned every night on the WTVY weather forecast and I never tire of hearing it.  Apalachicola.  Apalachicolaaaaaaaa.  Here’s the song and video:

The Apalachicolas were a Native American tribe that was linguistically related to the Creeks–all part of the Muskogean language family.  Also, the Creek absorbed different tribes (like the Apalachicolas) and had off-shoot tribes (like the Seminoles).   It gets too complicated to go into, especially since it’s midnight and my BCC (blood caffeine content) levels are nil.  I will post a few links at the bottom that have interesting information.  Suffice it to say, there are a lot of names of towns, streams, rivers, etc., some of which you are familiar with, all over Alabama, Florida and Georgia that are of Creek origin and just as fun to say as Apalachicola.  Here are just a few cool ones:   Channahatchee, Tallassee, Chattahoochee,  Choccolocco, Wetumpka, Chicamauga, Waxahatchee, Tuskegee, Tallahassee, Sylacauga, Talladega, Chewalla, Eufala, Hatchechubbee, Hillabahatchee, Tuscaloosa, Hospilika, Opelika, Tholocco, Coosa and, of course, Alabama.

One of my other favorites is Tallapoosa.  When we take our “scenic” route up to the Birmingham area, we drive through Tallapoosa County.  We inevitably make up tongue-twisters about Tallapoosa Appaloosas.  It never gets old.  Neither does Apalachicola.  Ap…a…lach…i…CO…laaaaaaaaaaa!  And with that, good-night!

Edu-ma-cational (as my Southern man would say) links:

Poarch Creek Indians

Creek Indian

Muscogee Creek Indian

Tim McGraw 🙂

Antique Chevy Trucks

Appaloosa Horse

International Collection of Tongue Twisters


and finally:


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