So, we are living in another house that has no garden.  That didn’t stop me from planting over 5 dozen tomato plants.  Have you ever started plants from seeds?  They sort of become your babies.  You prepare the planting medium, gently press the seeds down into it, make sure they are all nice and moist, warm and cozy, then you wait in anticipation.

Since we’re speaking of tomatoes and listening to Carly Simon, remember this?

Anyways, a week or two later, the fragile little baby plants raise their little heads out of the soil and begin to grow.  Before you know it, they need to be transplanted.  In this case, they went from egg crate cells to 9 oz. cups.

It was when my Southern man was home for lunch while I was dividing and transplanting that we realized some things.  First, I have an overactive green thumb–probably from having no garden last year, and from having to leave all my house plants with family when we relocated.  Also, we had waaaaay too many plants.  So, we probably gave about 3 dozen of my baby mater plants away.  I wrote directions down, labeled what varieties they were and asked for visitation rights.

Well, that still left us with at least 2 dozen plants…and no place to put them.  We couldn’t just tear up this rental home’s lawn without permission and my babies had grown into adolescent plants and really needed more freedom for their roots, so they could reach adulthood and, hopefully, become productive  members of society.  So, we decided, for this year, we’d have to plant them in the flower bed, which had been let go and was mostly full of weeds. We weeded the bed, planted the tomatoes and there they are, growing and, hopefully, maturing into 3 types of tomatoes, including 2 heirloom varieties.  Their names are Roma, Big Red, and Mortgage Lifter.  Notice my “big Red” helping to weed the garden.   —>

After all that has been said and done, however, I have a bit of a conundrum.  Tomatoes, although referred to as vegetables, are technically fruit.  My garden is having an identity crisis.  Is it a vegetable garden?  A  flower garden?  An orchard?

Ooooh, I know!  Another poll!


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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