How to tell if your co-pilot is feeling stressed….

So, in case you have been hanging on to the edge of your seat, wondering if I was ever going to blog again, we took a trip back to New England, which was quite the adventure.  First, it was just me and the kids, no Southern man.  Second, it was in a Chevy pickup with a short bed and no extra cab room (fortunately, I’m so short that I have to have the seat set forward, leaving ample space behind my seat).  Third, it is a stick shift (which means I need the seat waaaay forward to be able to get that clutch all the way in to shift, which makes for even more room behind my seat and the concern that if the airbag goes off, my head might, also).

So, there we were, the three of us, two of whom take after tall people with long, gangly legs, stuffed into the cab of a 5-speed manual shift truck, all our luggage in the bed, wrapped in trash bags in case of rain, except for the styrofoam cooler, which had the cover secured with a piece of rope.  I sort of felt a little like we were the Clampetts going on vacation.

While we were driving, my son was the designated senior co-pilot and my daughter was the junior co-pilot, in case her brother took a nap.  We were driving through Georgia, or maybe it was still Alabama?  Anyways, we weren’t, more than two hours into our trip, before my senior co-pilot needed a nap.  He dozed off while my daughter and I sporadically chatted as I drove on.  At one point, she asked, “Where are we?”  My son mumbled something as he woke up from his slumber.  My daughter and I glanced at each other with “What did he just say?” looks and shrugged.  Meanwhile, my son had become fully awake and aware of his surroundings and made the mistake of sharing with us what he had mumbled and why.

Before he fell asleep, he had put the driving directions and map on the dashboard.  When he heard his sister asked where we were, he was in a half-awake, half-asleep dream state.  He heard her ask the question and, in his dream, looked at the map and driving directions that were still on his lap, and said, out-loud for us to sort of hear, “Take Exit 17 to Moo Cha Cha La.”

Well, of course, we had great fun with that for hours, even days, including me singing “Do you know the way to Moo CHA Cha La?” as in the famous song by Dionne Warwick:

And THAT was the beginning of our adventure…more to come….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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