Lightening up the mood in a funeral home….

During my recent trip to New England, a favorite dear uncle of mine unexpectedly passed away the day after we arrived.  (Actually, he was a distant cousin, but we always called him “Uncle”.)  He has a beautiful family:  3 wonderful sons and his wife is a beautiful, loving, sweet woman.  She also happens to absolutely love my Southern man, her “Southern boy”.  You see, she is from Richmond, Virginia–a Southerner–and the only one in the family besides her Southern boy, my Southern man.  Get it?  Southerners stick together.

Anyways, I attended the services with my mom, sister and her husband.  The wake was on a Wednesday at a funeral home on a very wet and somewhat chilly day–“raw” as we like to say in New England.  There were hundreds of people, mostly Armenians, waiting to pay their respects, and it all was taking some time.  Fortunately, we arrived at a point where we could wait inside the majority of the time.  Actually, now that I think of it, my sister-in-law was already there and let us cut in linehad saved a spot for usdemanded we wait in line with her…alright, we subtley cut in line.  I can’t lie.  It wasn’t exactly subtle.  I think people noticed.  Oh, well.  We stayed dry.

Once we got inside the door, we had a long line to wait in amongst lots of funeral home furniture laden with flower arrangements, books, lamps, and…hand sanitizer.  Which brought to mind a certain Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins.  So, as we are standing in line at what was supposed to be a solemn occasion, I noticed all the hand sanitizer and had to share with my mom the comedy routine Tim Hawkins does about hand sanitizer.  It was funny.  We laughed.  At my uncle’s wake.  We needed to.  Honestly, though, he  would have laughed, too, he was that kind of a man and is sorely missed, as is my father and so many others that have gone on, in recent years.

A large family has many blessings, but when a whole generation starts to fade away, it is very hard and we can never truly be prepared for the great sense of loss.  However, I have found that even in the most difficult situations, there is a lighter side, if we look hard enough.  Hand sanitizer was that lighter side.  When you watch the video, you’ll understand.  Just a side note:  in New England, we tend to poke fun at West Virginia, for some reason.  In Alabama, the tendency is to poke fun at Arkansas, for some reason…probably has to do with football, but that’s a WHOLE other ballgame.  Hee hee.  So, here is Tim Hawkins–enjoy and check out his other stuff–it’s all very funny–and clean, too!


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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