South Carolina….

After we figured out how to get to Moo CHA Cha La, we came to South Carolina.  The state motto is:  “Dum Spiro Spero” — “While I breathe, I hope”.  As thick as the Southern accent is in South Carolina, I’d be curious to hear how they’d pronounce this Latin phrase.  Meanwhile, somewhere in South Carolina on the

we stopped at a rest stop that had this motto:

We used the restrooms, opened our white, styrofoam, tied-with-a-rope cooler to retrieve lunch and I snapped some pictures of what I hoped would be smiling faces.  Afterall, it was still rather early in our 1400 mile trip to New Hampshire.  Here we go:

 Hmmm…texting…as usual.

I can’t believe he gave me the “Talk to the hand” bit!  Even though I only caught half his mouth and it’s blurry, you can still hear him saying in annoyance, “Mo-om!  Really?”

So, on to the other victim…

…who was raiding the cooler…

…and ignoring me…

…still ignoring me….  (Don’t you love our trash-bagged luggage?)

Insert thought bubble above daughter’s head, “GEEZ!  She just won’t QUIT!”  (Did you notice the healthy snack in her hand versus the container of fake blueberry loaf in her brother’s lap?  Don’t let this fool you.  She would’ve had a pint of ice cream if it’d been available.)

FINALLY!  I got a smiling face!  (Notice who is still texting.)

And, if you like Josh Turner, this should make you smile:

Incidently, even though the video is almost 7 minutes long, the music ends at about 4 minutes and 42 seconds.  I guess the remaining 2+ minutes are just to stare at Josh….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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