Virginia is forrrr….

On our many trips from New England to Alabama or vice versa, I would take pictures every chance I got.  I have pre-digital era photos of various rest stops, most of which were in one of my favorite states, Virginia.  I only have four pictures from the digital camera of Virginia rest stops and three are beautiful, peaceful, pastoral photos:

Those two were from a rest stop in Virginia when we drove through a few years back.  I have two from our most recent trip.  Here’s the first one:

It still keeps in line with our beautiful, pastoral theme, doesn’t it?  This is what I see in my mind’s eye when I think of Virginia–beautiful rolling hills, farm land, cows, horses–you know, the whole VA tourism’s “Virginia is for lovers” motto that suggests romance, peace, beauty, relaxation, etc..  Yessss…then there’s another motto that you see at all the rest stops and welcome centers that suggests that, while “Virginia is for lovers”, you better not be a lover of breaking the law:

Well, that gets the message across, doesn’t it?  I’ve always been a bit humored by these signs because they’re just so…tough and…bright.  It’s like they took McGruff’s “Take a Bite Outta Crime” a step further.  Forget biting–just CRRRUSHHH IT!!  Oh, and for your entertainment, here’s an early commercial from McGruff:

Looking back on old commercials can be great fun.  Did you see those, what were they, early cell phones?  Walkie-talkies?  Whatever they are, they are HUGE and so conspicuous!  I’m surprised that poor little old lady didn’t fall over while holding it up to her head!  Although, upon watching it again, I noticed that she actually IS swaying back-and-forth a bit.  Poor lady.  But what dedication to the neighborhood crime watch!

So, yes, Virginia is for lovers and, based on the Virginia Department of Transportation‘s signs, all you tourists out there can feel relieved that your safety is being looked after…at least, at all the beautiful, pastoral welcome centers and rest areas.  I have to say, we felt safe.  Also, just a tip: watch your speed while driving.  While I’ve never been pulled over in Virginia, I’ve always heard that they have really tough driving laws and like to crrushh speeding, as well.  Meanwhile, here in the Alabama…yeah, not so much–and that’s from a reliable source: my Southern man!

One last thing.  I looked for a Virginia-themed song and found a video by a girl named Chelsea Inaba singing Miranda Lambert’s song “Virginia Bluebell” and thought I’d share it.  She’s pretty good.  Who knows, if enough people watch it, maybe it’ll go viral and she’ll get famous and we can all feel good that maybe we helped her out just a little teensy bit and she’ll recognize that and send us free concert tickets and dvds and put us in her music videos and …okay, back to reality.  Enjoy the song:


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