Trying a play on words here, so just go with it.  Due to the hot Lower Alabama weather, we keep a small kiddie pool in the backyard for the dogs.  Don’t worry, they have some nice, cool, bare patches of ground to lie on in the shady areas of the yard.  We are kind of glad that one dog is brown and the other blue merle, which makes the dirt on their coats impossible to see.  I’d probably freak out at how dirty they are when they come in for the night, otherwise.  Meanwhile, I recently re-learned how to use the carpet shampoo system of my magic Kirby vacuum.

Anyways, I filled the dogs’ pool up last week and have been meaning to clean and refill it this week, but it’s been busy with the start of school, work, etc..  Every night for the past week or so, we’ve heard frogs out back–loud ones!  Every time we’d turn on the outside lights or let the dogs out, the frogs would be silent until the coast was clear.  We never saw the frogs, although we looked, sorta.  Didn’t think TOO much about them.  Should’ve known better, since we lived next to a swamp for 4 years.

Well, today I bent down to empty out the dogs’ pool and saw a bunch of bugs in it!  I thought, “Great!  Insect larvae!” but immediately realized that those were no insects:

Recognized those little buggers?  Polliwogs!  Tadpoles!  Froglets!  Now, the pictures aren’t the greatest because it’s taken through not-the-cleanest water, in a sunny pool and the tadpoles are maybe 1/4″–and that’s from nose-to-tail.  Oh, wait, they have gills right now, don’t they?  Well, it’s a figure of speech.  Also, our pup, Skye, was trying to kiss me all over, ’cause she’s just so sweet–a pain in the keister, sometimes, but sweet.

Apparently, those frogs we heard last week, turned our little blue pool into a red-light district brothel.  Now, it’s a nursery for hundreds of their progeny.  Great.  So, what to do?  I called some local elementary schools to ask if any science teachers want some free polliwogs (so much more fun to say then tadpoles), but have not yet heard from anyone.  I had texted my Southern man about it and one of his co-workers wanted some for his kids and their little farm or something like that.  We had to use a little sieve with very fine mesh to catch them because they are too tiny for the net we have and went right through the holes.  He got a bunch and off they went to their new home.

Right now, who knows if they’ll survive.  The water is pretty toasty, but does cool off at night…to maybe the upper-70’s.  Guess we’ll have to see.  My Southern man said to “just let ’em go” by which he meant “grow”.  He might change his mind when he sees this:

84 days!  I just don’t know if they’ll survive, poor little things, between the heat, the dogs, the inevitable over-crowding.  I know, they’re just tadpoles, but still.   The odds, in spite of their randy parents making the most of whatever their environment had to offer, don’t look so good.  So…free polliwogs, anyone?


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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