A simple mix-up.

Please press play to enjoy the background music while you read:

So today, after we got back from a quick family trip to Panama City Beach, it was  time to wash clothes.  I asked my daughter to bring her hamper into our bedroom so we could sort all the laundry.  (If you’ve never heard of sorting laundry, go ask your mother or anyone who is wearing what used to be a white shirt that is now a lovely shade of pink.)

The following is our conversation:

Daughter:  “My hamper is full of all the clothes I’ve worn since I started school!

RW:  “You do not have two weeks worth of laundry in your hamper!  I just washed clothes last Saturday!

Daughter:  “Ohhhhhh! Well, I’ve got that giant komodo in there!”

RW:  “You mean kimono! HAHAHAHA!”

Daughter (laughing sheepishly):  “Mo-ommm!  I meant ‘ONO’!  I meant ‘ONO‘!”


Daughter:  “You’re mentally writing your blog right now, aren’t you?!”

RW:  “Yes, I am!”

Daughter:  “AGHHH!”

And wouldn’t you know it?  When I searched for komodo in a kimono, I got that cute little song snippet you hopefully played and this picture:


Go great with the story, don’t they?



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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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