Random musings….

What’s the point of changing your address only to have the company with whom you changed your address mail the “notice of change of address” to the former address? (Then, it is forwarded by the post office to the new address before it even had a chance to get to the old address.  Well, at least the post office is doing their job.)

I often get my idioms mixed up.  My most recent one was this past Saturday evening.  I was telling my Southern man about the problems our clothes washer seems to be having lately.  I then said,”Well, I just hope it doesn’t fart out anytime, soon!”

“It’s “crap out“, dear.”

“Oh, yeah, that!”

So…if “crap out” means quit, can’t “fart out” be the precursor of quitting?  Works for me.  Or is it “on the fritz”?

Now that we have a potential hurricane coming within reach of the Gulf, will gas prices skyrocket?

Why does a “cold front” in Alabama mean “drier air, with temps in the mid-90’s versus upper 90’s”!?  Shouldn’t they just stick with “high pressure”?  In New Hampshire, a “cold front” means what it says…brrrrrrr!

I wonder how much taller than me my soon-to-be teen daughter is going to get?  Should I start wearing platform shoes?  (Or stilts?)

Will gas prices ever come down below $3/gallon?

Will this latest hurricane, will the 80’s song “Come on Irene” make a come-back?

Oops, there I go again.  It’s “Come on Eileen“.  Ah, what do I know!

One last one:  did Dexy’s Midnight Runners make enough money to buy new clothes?

Postscript:  I am not the only human in the universe who was mistaken in the title of that song in regards to the hurricane.  I heard one of our local news anchors saying, “Do you think they’ll be singing “Come on Irene?” HA!


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to Random musings….

  1. garden2day says:

    I love this song…memories of my college days. Funny about the things we say. Yesterday Irene was making a beeline for us-today it looks like we will get lucky once again. I am so thankful.


  2. rebelwife says:

    My memory of this song was at my best friend’s basement party in high school~she LOVED this song and when it came on, she was a dancin’ machine! Have to love that 80’s music. Glad you aren’t getting hit with the hurricane. Hopefully, it won’t strengthen as much as they’re predicting and I also hope people are prepared in the areas it IS going to hit.


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