Pain In The Heiny



  1. the soft, spongy tissue in the center of certain plant stems
  2. the soft core of various other things, as of a bone or feather
  3. the spongy, fibrous tissue lining the rind and surrounding the sections of an orange, grapefruit, etc.
  4. the essential part; substance; gist
  5. importance: now usually in
  6. ARCHAIC strength; vigor; force

Origin: ME pithe < OE pitha, akin to MDu pitte, pit of a fruit, kernel, pith of a tree

transitive verb

  1. to remove the pith from (a plant stem)
  2. to pierce or sever the spinal cord of (an animal) in order to kill it or make it insensible for experimental purposes

We will be dealing with #3 from the first section and #1 from the second.  (Please ignore #2 from the second section.)

I have recently been pithing the pith from the citrus fruit that our Florida Uncle Julius  (I have respectfully refrained from calling him Uncle Orange Julius) brought us, in order to freeze it.

Tangerines, navel oranges and Star Ruby grapefruit.  I never really liked grapefruit, but, then, I never had a STAR ruby grapefruit–suh-weeet!  I also have never frozen citrus fruit.  In order to do so, one has to peel the fruit, section and remove the pith–that white stuff–and all the seeds.It takes 2 grapefruit and 4 oranges to make approximately 2 quarts.  And, it takes me approximately 1 hour or more to peel, separate, pith, add the syrup and put the mixture into freezer bags.  The biggest pain?  Removing the pith.  Hence, the acronym P.I.T.H.:  Pain In The Heiny.

About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to Pain In The Heiny

  1. garden2day says:

    I could not help but think ‘Uncle Orange Julius’ when you mentioned Florida. That is a hoot. Ruby Reds are the best but I have never frozen fruit. Good luck in getting rid of all of the PITH. 🙂


  2. rebelwife says:

    Thanks! I’m going to get my daughter to help me out. Hate to see it go to waste. If nothing else, we’ll squeeze the juice out of ’em!


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