Black Friday

I am not a “black Friday” shopper…usually.  But, when one of my favorite stores, Tractor Supply Company, had a 40% off of dog crates sale, I broke with my tradition of avoiding stores and trekked out to our local TSC.  I’ve been wanting to buy a new crate for our poor Skye for some time.  Remember this sleeping position?

Well, we thought that was funny, back then.  See, Skye was only 6 months old and was sleeping that way by choice.  Now, however, she is a much bigger one-year old and has been sleeping that way because she has been crammed into a 36Lx24Hx22W crate.  Who knew she would take after her Weimaraner sire?

For the past couple of months, my guilt has grown each time I walked past her as she slept in her crate, all curled up or, if she tried to sprawl, cramped up.  She reminded me of this:

Okay, perhaps not as bad as this poor kitty.  Not sure why or how she got in there, but I know cats love tight places.  Exhibit A:

and Exhibit B:

Skye, however, doesn’t like tight places as much as Chloe.  Skye loves to sprawl and can often be found lazing on the grass in the back yard.  Then, we bring her in at night and she has to sleep in her “cozy” crate.  If we don’t put her in her crate, we are certain that she will eat our house while we sleep.  We’ve had hints of this possibility.  We hope that, as she matures if she matures, we can trust her not to ingest or destroy everything she sniffs out while we sleep.  Until then, it’s a crate.

Thankfully, TSC had this awesome sale and I got the biggest crate I could find,  48Lx33Hx30W– for cheap, cheap, cheap!   Skye can lounge and sprawl and not have to be a contortionist in her crate ever again, unless she wants to, of course.  Should she grow any more, there will still be plenty of room!  It’s so roomy, I think we might even be able to play fetch in it!   Now, how to explain to my Southern Man why our living room looks so much smaller….


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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