Good Friday

I came across this cartoon, today: Image

Pretty much sums it up.

This evening, our church is having a Good Friday service that is open to the public and will be held at the town’s  city’s civic center. I went to to the service last year and it was nothing like what I’d ever attended before. (I’m not sure if I’ve even ever attended a Good Friday service prior to last year, come to think of it.) It was very powerful and I expect it will be even more so tonight, because of the larger venue and public invitation.


Last year, our pastor spoke of the torments of the crucifying process and had replicas of the crown of thorns, spikes used to nail Jesus to the cross, the horrible scourging whip, and a few others things. (If you’ve ever watched the Passion of the Christ, even with all the graphic scenes, I still don’t think we can truly fathom what Jesus endured–for all of us.)

After the sermon, those of us who are believers partook of the Lord’s supper. On our way out, there was a table full of nails with paper labels attached to them. If we were already believers, we wrote our name on the label and then, using a provided hammer, nailed it to a wooden cross that was in the next room. This simple, solemn, yet very powerful act symbolized that our sins were nailed to the cross along with Jesus those two thousand years ago and that, when he died, our sins died with him.

to be continued….


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One Response to Good Friday

  1. garden2day says:

    Very powerful-very meaningful to experience this type of service. So very humbling!


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