The Eyes in the Back of My Head

One night, after she was done playing with my hair, something she’s done (with marked improvement) since she was three, the conversation with my daughter went from French-braiding (specifically, my inability to French-braid) to the “eyes in the back of your head”. The statement was along the lines of “since you have eyes in the back of your head, Mom, you should be able to see to French-braid your own hair”. To which I replied, “I have eyes in the front of my head, but I can’t see my face.” (Not entirely true; I can see my nose and, if I make a really big pout, I can sort of see my lips.)

Well, since she brought up the topics of eyes in the back of my head (which all mothers are known to have–and sometimes owls, too) and vision, I wondered, out-loud, if the eyes in the back of my head, like the eyes in the front of my head, will ever get need glasses….



About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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4 Responses to The Eyes in the Back of My Head

  1. garden2day says:

    My vision for the back set of eyes has gotten worse over the years but I don’t think glasses will help-and I don’t have a nose to hold them up :). So funny! I really don’t know how people French-braid their hair. I’m not that talented.


  2. rebelwife says:

    I’m terrible with hair. Thankfully, mine is curly, so I don’t have to do a whole lot to it. Also, with my daughter learning to do all these fancy braids, she can do mine. 🙂


  3. I recently bought a fake ponytail to make up for my inability to French-braid my hair.
    Depending on how far you can swivel your head around, you might get by with one set of glasses.


  4. rebelwife says:

    That ponytail sounds like a good idea! I just put mine up with a butterfly clip or something. I admire those who are so creative with their hair. As far as glasses, I already have 2 pairs of readers. I could wear them both at the same time, I guess. 😉


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