Whatever Happened to the Polliwogs?

So, remember last summer when this happened? Well, as promised, let me tell you the rest of the story. We noticed that the number of polliwogs was quickly decreasing. Since the pool was in the  Alabama mid-day sun, I thought maybe the heat was getting them. Since the dogs were always in the pool and drinking from it, I thought maybe they got some of them. I was wrong on both counts.

When the pool was pretty much devoid of life (or so we thought), my Southern Man went ahead and emptied it out so it could be cleaned and refilled. After he dumped it, he called me out there. There on the cement (or, as they say down here, “SEEEEE-ment”) were these strange, alien-looking creatures. Kinda scary–they only had 6 legs though, so they weren’t as scary as…spiders. *chill*  I’d never seen anything like them before. They were  difficult to see at first because they were translucent. I went back into the house and looked them up on the computer. Do you know what they were? Dragonfly nymphs! Now, when I hear or read the word “nymph” I think of a beautiful, mythological water fairy, like Naiad.


There were also wood nymphs, celestial nymphs, land nymphs and underworld nymphs. Needless to say, none of those nymphs look like this:


Did you scream? Sorry. Try this one instead:

Better? That’s okay, it wasn’t for me, either.

Apparently, dragonfly nymphs have voracious appetites and one of the things they like to eat are…drumroll…polliwogs. Tadpoles. Little bitty ones.

The End. (As it also was for the tadpoles. Poor little things.)


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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9 Responses to Whatever Happened to the Polliwogs?

  1. garden2day says:

    That is interesting. At least you found out what happened. It doesn’t go well for those who are on the lower end of the food chain I guess. 🙂


  2. Mystery solved! Too bad for the future frogs.


  3. ithilen85 says:

    Maybe like is the wrong word…


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