The Avengers, Drive-In Style

It’s all over the news: the weekend opening of the movie The Avengers has broken all kinds of records, surpassing even Harry Potter! I am so honored to be part of that record-breaking statistic! Okay, not really, I could care less, although I do think that it is really neat that a movie about classic comic book characters was so popular! I always think classic is best. Well, almost always.

All four of us saw the movie Friday night, but not as a complete family unit. Our son went with a friend and saw it in 3-D. My Southern Man, daughter and I went and saw it at the drive-in! We were so excited! Okay, my Southern Man wasn’t so excited, we kind of roped him into coming, but after all was said and done, he was glad he came with us.

None of us had ever been to a drive-in and I wanted to go before the real hot Alabama nights arrive . When I told my Mom that we were going to one, she was surprised they still existed. So I promptly sent her a link about drive-in movie theaters. Which reminds me, how do YOU say theater? This calls for a poll:

I wanted to take the pick-up so we could all sit in the back. We thought about taking the extra twin mattress (fitting, since we’d be in the bed of the truck), but decided against it. Our daughter begged to take her folding, fluffy purple papasan chair and we dubiously agreed because it seemed awfully big. She also brought her iPod. My Southern Man grabbed a couple of folding camping chairs and the bug spray, and I  grabbed several cushy blankets. Then, off we went.

It was really cheap to get in. Our movie was showing at the “Starlight” screen, so we drove over there and found a space between the two white poles, next to a jeep Wrangler that had all its windows down and sides/top off. (An important thing, as you’ll see.) While my daughter and Southern Man went off to the restrooms and concessions, I folded all the blankets into a cushiony pile, sat down and people-watched. When they came back we all sat on the blankets, leaned against the folded-up papasan chair and ate. Aside from the usual movie candy, which we didn’t get, they had other “real” food like burgers and fries, which we did get! Yum!

Recently, this picture and the question “do you know what this is” has been floating around on Facebook:

I don’t know about other drive-ins, but this one no longer uses the speakers, although the white poles they were attached to have been left to help organize the parking. Instead, each theater has it’s own bandwidth on the radio. Pretty neat, huh? Unless of course, you’re sitting in the bed of a truck whose radio shuts off every 20 minutes unless you leave the key turned. Which is why I asked my Southern Man to park next to the jeep with all the windows down and sides off. Incidentally, they had great speakers!

Once the movie got going and we’d finished eating, we started wishing we’d brought the mattress. My Southern Man decided to sit on a camping chair on the ground at the foot of the truck. After a little while, he had to douse himself with bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away. Fortunately, they didn’t bother us in the bed of the truck. Our daughter set up her papasan chair to use and I sat next to it. After a while, I think she took pity on me and offered to let me sit in it a while. *sighMuch better! She also took pity on her dad’s diminished hearing ability and loaned him her iPod. Sweet girl.

The movie was really good. I won’t spoil it for you, but I do recommend you go see it. The experience, minus the discomfort of sitting due to our amateur status when it comes to drive-in movie theater comfort, was still very nice. Plus, it was a beautiful, moonlit and starlit night. If I was sitting next to my Southern Man, it actually would’ve been quite romantic, especially if we’d had more comfortable seating, like a twin mattress. 😉

We will probably go again, but my Southern Man said he wants to sit in the truck cab, instead of the bed, next time. We’ll see. One thing about the screen we went to: it was only showing one movie. Usually, they have double-features, which makes it even more of a great value, especially if you have a family. We were originally going to see The Three Stooges and Mirror, Mirror, but decided to see The Avengers, instead. Honestly, part of it was because we weren’t sure we’d make it to midnight watching two movies! Sad, huh? Seriously, though, you’re sitting under the moon and stars, in the dark…unless you’re slapping at mosquitoes, it’s relaxing, even if your tuchus is hurting from the not-cushioned-enough bed of a truck.

I do have some parting words of wisdom:

  • if you have bean bags or video rocker chairs and are going to sit in the bed of the truck, BRING THEM!
  • ideally, sit next to open jeeps with good speakers
  • if you’re not sure if you’ll be able to park next to an open jeep with good speakers, bring a battery-operated radio or iPod
  • do not sit on the grass or even on a chair in the grass
  • if you do sit on the grass or on a chair in the grass, make sure you bring insect repellant
  • while waiting for people to bring you back food, enjoy people-watching. You might see someone who reminds you of a Jeff Foxworthy “you might be a redneck if” line, like I did. In this case it was #68: “your wife’s hairdo has ever been ruined by a ceiling fan.”
  • ENJOY! After all, it’s often the simple pleasures in life that are the most memorable.

Addendum: I had noticed that the date on this particular poster is not how we’d write it here in the USA. It must be a European poster. Sorry. I usually try to stick with American-made as much as possible. Except for certain cars…and wine, of course. Oh, and chocolate!


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5 Responses to The Avengers, Drive-In Style

  1. garden2day says:

    I laughed all the way through. I can’t believe you have never been to a drive -in. Most have been closed for some time but I always enjoyed them. I think the mattress is a little too southern and too redneck 🙂 but it’s whatever floats one’s boat. Comfort is really important. Great idea to park next to the Jeep!!! Great post!


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