And So I Aks You, How Do You Say Ask?

ImageI heard one of the ladies I work with use the word “aks” for “ask” and it got me to thinking, “Why do so many people mispronounce the word ‘ask’?” Well, I was on the Grammarly FB page, because I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar…okay, well, minus the use of commas (I tend to overuse them, methinks!) and the use of parentheses, sometimes. Okay, well, I’m mostly a stickler for spelling. Honestly, I’ve forgotten a lot of those punctuation rules and have an ongoing love affair with commas. I mean, come on, I just learned that I’m not supposed to double-space between sentences, anymore! Show me some mercy! 🙂

Anyways, after being on the Grammarly page, I looked up “ask vs aks” in a search engine and came upon an interesting article that explained the origin of the variation of the word ask, which I merely thought was improper pronunciation. Nope! It actually dates back to very Old English. Read about it here. Who knew? Ironically, it was commonly used in New England, up until the early 19th century, which I also didn’t know. This was a humbling experience for my Grammarly self, I must say.

Conclusion: the next time someone says “aks”, admire them! After all, they are speaking English from waaay back to the time of Chaucer! I wonder if they know that? Image


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to And So I Aks You, How Do You Say Ask?

  1. garden2day says:

    You are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh.


  2. rebelwife says:

    Glad I can brighten your day, just a bit! 🙂


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