Desperation Leads to Improvisation

Yesterday, my daughter had a hankering for S’mores–the perfect blend of chocolate and sweetness. The recipe for them, in case you’ve been living on a deserted (or is that “un-desserted”) island for the last…how long have S’mores been around? Hold on…. Here we go: The History of S’mores.

Okay, the recipe is simple: graham crackers, a flat chocolate bar and marshmallows. Toast the marshmallow over a campfire or charcoal grill coals, put a piece of the chocolate bar on a graham cracker, slide the toasted, gooey marshmallow onto the chocolate, top with another graham cracker, insert into mouth, remember to chew and make appropriate “mmmmmmmmm” noises as you enter the tiny heaven of S’more-land.

Unfortunately, when my daughter raided the cupboards for the ingredients, she didn’t find everything she needed (especially the campfire). Like her mother, though (that would be me), desperate times call for a great imagination and some improvisation. She found graham crackers, mini-marshmallows, chocolate sauce and the microwave. She made three attempts, in order to perfect her technique. I only made two, because I was too full for a third. I took pictures of my attempts and, due to the poor quality of the photos and in keeping with S’more’s origin back in the 1920’s, I switched them to a nice, older sepia tone.

Attempt one:

Yes, I am a perfectionist (a.k.a., anal) with some things. My daughter warned me that, based on her first attempt, 16 marshmallows was too much, but it was too perfect for me to change, so I went with it. Next photo:


I then nuked it for about 4 seconds, then another 4 or so. Have you ever microwaved marshmallows? If not, you must do so. It’s fun to watch because they puff up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Remember him?

He was immortalized in the movie, Ghostbusters. He wasn’t very sweet in that movie, though.

Anyways, 16 marshmallows yielded this:

Ugh! What a mess! A tasty, tasty mess! Marshmallows puff up while being microwaved, then go back to closer to their original size when finished and, depending on how long you microwave them, can end up caramelized. 🙂 These marshmallows, due to overcrowding, puffed up and fell out of the crackers.

Here was my daughter’s second attempt:

You can tell it was her second attempt from all the smeared chocolate on the plate from her first attempt. Much better results than mine, wouldn’t you say?

After my debacle due to gluttonous perfectionism, I made a second attempt and, as suggested by my daughter, used significantly fewer marshmallows.

Which after being microwaved for about 8 seconds, came out like this:

That’s more like it! Since these weren’t “true” S’mores, I decided to dub them “S-more-or-lesses”. My daughter didn’t like that name and came up with her own. However, she can’t remember what it was, so we’ll stick with S-more-or-lesses. Or, you can just call them microwaved S’mores. Just remember to go easy on the mini-marshmallows so you don’t end up with a “S-more-o-messy” like I did on my first try. Enjoy!


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10 Responses to Desperation Leads to Improvisation

  1. Any post that has a positive reference to “Ghostbusters” is a great post. Good job!


  2. garden2day says:

    This is so funny–I just got through making some s’mores in the microwave right before I read your post! I use lots of mini marshmallows and lots of chocolate chips–it is no fun not to have a mess :). Yum… but I think the campfire is the best. And, Stay Puft MM…he’s my hero! What a great movie!


  3. ithilen85 says:

    And now I want s’mores. I guess we’ll have to have some on our trip…


  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    What a fun experiment to attempt with your daughter. I remember the first time I microwaved a marshmallow with my daughter. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as the marshmallow puffed up to 10 times its normal size.


  5. rebelwife says:

    You know, we never microwaved marshmallows until just a couple years ago. Very fun to watch and laugh at. It reminds me of the first time I used some Space Bags. My daughter was much younger and was hysterically laughing as all the air got sucked out of this big, fluffy comforter until it was nearly as flat as a pancake. Fun times with the simplest of things. 🙂


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