Blogging Ideas

When you are a blogger or any sort of writer or creator, you are always on the look-out for ideas. I think it’s just second nature. There is a phrase that is becoming more common in our household, primarily used by my daughter: “Let me guess, you’re going to write about this on your blog?” 🙂

Ideas can hit you at any moment about even the simplest, most mundane things. Like a cotton pad, for instance:

Just an ordinary cotton pad…or is it?

Let’s look at the flip-side, shall we?

Ooooh! What is that?

Let’s look again….

…from every possible angle.

One final close-up:

So, what is it that a simple, deformed cotton pad stirs up in my wild’n’crazy imagination? This:

Yes, my daughter rolled her eyes while I gleefully chattered about the cotton pad’s “twin” and “bibopsies”.

Oh, how I love “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”! We’ve been saying we need to buy it for years! Aunt Voula is one of my favorite characters in that movie. The fact that the actress who portrays her, Andrea Martin, is a New Englander from Maine and is of Armenian descent, has absolutely no bearing on my fondness for her. Okay, well, maybe just a little….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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