That was my outburst just a few minutes ago. Except I say “gosh”. Anyways, remember my post about reading glasses and dieting? (Of course you do. It was only 2 days ago.) Well, my Southern Man was on the computer and called me to come look at something. This was what he showed me:

It was a story about a  study they did somewhere over in Asia that determined that people ate less food people when they were wearing glasses that magnified the food! How funny is it that this article shows up 2 days after I blogged about my Reading Glasses Diet?


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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4 Responses to OMG!!

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Don’t you just hate it when someone steals your good ideas before you have a chance to get them out there?


  2. garden2day says:

    Great minds….


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