Looking for Hearts

The other day I wrote about Looking for Rainbows. There are many things I look for or I have my “radar” turned on to notice in my everyday life including   rainbows, of course, but also butterflies (yes, I really do blurt out, “LOOK! A BUTTERFLY!”), dragonflies, spiders (shudder), Armenian last names (can’t help it), misspellings (can’t help that, either), and hearts.

While visiting our friends up in northern Alabama last week, as I was  walking along the path to their front door, I noticed something on the ground and snapped this picture:

I showed it to my Southern Man and asked him what it looked like. His response was that it looked like a piece of…well, suffice it to say, our friends have a little “Morkie” (Maltese/Yorkie) dog…you figure out what he said it looked like. After you figure it out, then you can imagine my horrified  disappointment and disgust as I replied, “EWWW! NO! It’s a HEART! A WOOD CHIP HEART!! Can’t you SEE it?!”

After he looked at the image on my camera screen again, he admitted he could see it. Then one of our friends said she thought it was what he thought it was at first, too. Her husband, however, saw the heart. Not sure what he thought it was made of, but at least  he saw it! Now, granted, the image they looked at was small:

But, still! Does that not look like a heart? Hmmm…it’s been a while since we’ve taken a poll. Let’s do it, shall we?


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to Looking for Hearts

  1. garden2day says:

    Of course-what else would it be but a heart! Why would anyone think different? I love hearts, too. We were at Mellow Mushroom the other day and one of the pretzels looked just like a heart. I had my daughter snap a photo and send it to her dad-my husband… What a great find this was for you and thanks for sharing!!!!


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