A Quartet of…One?

Earlier today, I posted the Peterson Farms Brothers parody video. When I first checked out their video, it had less than 3000 views. Now, it’s over 23,000 53,000 239,000 395,000 828,000 ONE MILLION VIEWS!! I do believe tThey are going have DEFINITELY gone viral. Good job, guys! 🙂

I already told you about one of the brothers, Greg, who is a musician and has his own Facebook page and YouTube channel. This evening, after showing the farming video to my Southern Man, I showed him the YouTube channel and this was the video that popped up:

Isn’t that cool? He’s got a bunch of others, too! Here’s one for you baseball fans:

One for the upcoming Independence Day:

One for anyone who wishes they lived out West:

(I have my own version of this song that I made up for the stay-at-home mom having a rough day. The chorus starts off “Home, Home and De-ranged”.) Ahem….

One for my upcoming birthday:

And finally, one of my favorites, just for fun:

He’s got some Christmas songs, too, but I guess I won’t post those until…Christmas. However, you can visit his page and see them (and all his other videos) on your own. Have fun!


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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