Our Independence Day Celebration

Every year, one of my Southern Man’s childhood friends hosts an Independence Day celebration at their house on Lake Logan Martin. Last year, the kids and I were on our three-week trip to New England, so we missed out. (However, we were with my siblings and their families up in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire watching the town’s fireworks. That was a fun time and we missed them, this year.)

This year, they held the festivities on the third, instead of the Fourth. As always, following a prayer thanking God for the food and the blessing of our country and its freedoms, there was plenty to eat, wonderful people to spend time with and fun things to do. They always have an inflatable water slide–gigantic inflatable waterslide!

That was obviously fun!

There was also a Sea-Doo, so the kids went tubing while my Southern Man and I watched from here:

I tell you, if that swing had been a hammock, I would’ve been off to Dreamland. It was just that kind of sultry Alabama afternoon.

We witnessed a couple of cool wipe-outs! First one teen would fall off, then the other, then the tube would go flying up in the air. Both our kids definitely had some muscle soreness for a couple days afterwards and memories that will last a lifetime!

Our friends also rented a party boat for the day, to take people for a leisurely ride around the lake. The lake has gorgeous natural scenery and there are also some really beautiful homes.

After the boat ride, the heat kind of got to me, apparently. I was sweating bullets and feeling a bit “off”. My Southern Man said I looked very pale and was a bit concerned. So, wimpy New Englander me stayed inside in the air conditioning for a while, drinking water and watching television with the older folks. That’ll teach me: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (And sit in the shade on party boats when it’s 90-something degrees out.) After I’d recuperated, I took some pictures of the festive decorations:

With this next photo, I was so caught up with getting the flag to show in both of the beveled sections of the glass, that I didn’t focus on what was actually in focus. Oh, well. You get what I was going for, right?

With American flags, there’s always got to be sunflowers!

As the evening deepened, my Southern Man couldn’t resist getting out the fishing pole.

I don’t believe he caught anything, except sight of the spiders actively spinning their webs in the light fixtures by the docks. My daughter didn’t take long to leave after that discovery. (I followed suit…to shoot more pictures, of course!)

Dusk quickly turned into night and it was time for the fireworks. Our friends always put on a good show.

Unfortunately, we had to leave shortly after the display started so we could drive the 3 1/2 hours back home, where our animals were probably anxiously awaiting our return.

“And just WHERE have you been all day?”

I must say, the dogs were much more excited about our return than the cat. Typical….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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3 Responses to Our Independence Day Celebration

  1. garden2day says:

    What a water slide!!!! And, what a celebration. Sorry you had to have indoor time but you must have had a great time.


  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Wow. I wish I had southern friends who lived on a lake and knew how to party! Lucky you.


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