My Secret Group Membership

Last year, I came across an opportunity to become a member of a select group of people. I answered the survey provided and, to my delight, I became one of 120 people to be members of the Lindt Excellence Influencers Club (we have a secret Facebook group page). That should give you an idea of how much of a chocoholic I am–and not just any chocolate, but dark chocolate–the darker the better! Who knew my love of dark chocolate would lead to such a perk: being a tester for new dark chocolate bars for the Lindt Chocolate Company, the U.S. headquarters of which are located in…drumroll…New Hampshire!! 🙂 Oh, how I miss going to the factory outlet, where you could stuff a bag with “seconds” truffles for a low price. Pardon me while I salivate. It was truly a PMSer’s dream living so close to a chocolate factory outlet and Lindt is, in my opinion, the best chocolate!

Anyways, every so often, I get to sample and review complimentary Lindt dark chocolate bars.  Today, a shipment arrived!! Tomorrow evening, perhaps with a bottle of wine, my Southern Man and I will have a sampling session, after which, I will review the bars and blog a post to post on my blog. Until then, sweet dreams!


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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4 Responses to My Secret Group Membership

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Is there room for one more tester in your inner circle?


  2. garden2day says:

    Sounds like heaven to me! Enjoy!


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