Lindt Excellence Bars Review

As you know (if you read my blog within the last few days), on Thursday I received a shipment of two new Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bars:

Despite the repeated begging nagging harrassing haranguing polite requests by our daughter to have some, we managed to hold out until earlier today before sampling any. It was suggested that we pair the Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt bar with a port wine, but my Southern Man says he can’t stand port, so we just paired it with an extra square of chocolate. It was delicious! However, we I had to critique it, so I put on my critical thinking cap and, with some input from my daughter and Southern Man, came up with my review. The Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt bar was very good, but was just a tad too sweet for my taste. Remember, however, I like dark, dark chocolate. It had a crunchier texture than I expected, with little crunchy bits of caramel and bits of salt. Have you had chocolate with sea salt? Lindt has an Excellence bar which is a dark chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt Bar. I highly recommend you try it! Be adventurous with chocolate–and life!

After dinner, we decided to test the Coconut Excellence Bar. Earlier, we had gone to the grocery store and bought a sparkling rose wine. It was suggested to pair this bar with a sparkling red wine, but we weren’t anywhere near a specialty wine store, so Publix it was. We got the two champagne flutes my best friend had given to us as part of a moving away gift *sniff* to make it a little “fancy”. After  removing the cork on the bottle of bubbly, which then overflowed all over my Southern Man’s hand and this green tablecloth, he poured us our champagne and we toasted to a bunch of goofy things. Well, not really that goofy. I just wasn’t in the mood for toasting…I wanted my CHOCOLATE!

We each broke off a square, let it melt in our mouths, and then had a sip of the champagne. It really made the flavors *POP*! The flavors of the tender coconut flakes and smooth dark chocolate were so much more intense when paired with the champagne! So were the strawberries we found in the fridge. By the second glass, things like taste, speaking and thinking straight were getting less intense for me, but I digress…. What can I say, I’m a light-weight! (Or, as my Southern Man likes to say, a “cheap date”. Hmmmm…we’ll see about that!)

Of the two bars, I preferred the Coconut one. I love coconut anything, however, so try them both out and see which one you prefer. You can order Lindt’s chocolate bars and other specialty chocolates directly from their website (which also has some awesome recipes) or find a location near you where you can buy them. Better yet, if you happen to live near Stratham, NH, go directly to their store and shop all you want! Also, feel free to stuff a bag with seconds and send it to me, if you’d like. 😀


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  1. garden2day says:

    Sounds awesome. But, it doesn’t take much lately 🙂 .


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