It’s been a while, yes? My daughter and I are doing fine, going to the chiropractor and counting our blessings after our accident. Thank you all for your concern and kind words over the past month. Now that the kids are back in school, I figure I should get back to blogging. So, here we go! 🙂

What do you believe?

Do you believe in God?

In His angels?

In His miracles?

I sure do and have since I was a young teen. Let me tell you why, but first, listen to this cool song by one of my favorite Christian bands, Newsboys:

If you look HERE, you will see a verse, Psalm 91:11, as well as many cross-referenced verses regarding angels. I posted it on my Facebook page after the accident and revisited it this week because, just this past Monday, another very dangerous thing happened that could have ended with serious injuries or worse.

As I left the house of the elderly couple that I cook breakfast for, I heard a “thunk” and felt like I drove over something. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw nothing on the road, so I mentally shrugged and drove home. As I turned into our road, the back end of the truck fishtailed and the truck skidded, tires squealing. I nearly lost control of the vehicle! I cautiously drove the remaining several hundred feet and pulled into the driveway. When I looked at the truck, nothing was obviously amiss. Since the speedometer of the truck doesn’t work (we just got the parts to fix it, yesterday!), I questioned myself as to my speed, but thought, “No, I wasn’t going that fast.” A little while later, I had to drive the truck to my Southern Man’s work to finally get our cracked windshield replaced. I was still a bit concerned about the antics of the truck on my drive home, so I was cautious on turns, but still drove the 65 mph on the way there. I think. Speedometer was broken, remember. Well, I “went with the flow of traffic”. Granted, they usually speed, but…anyways, ahem!

As it turned out, my Southern Man had to drive me home, because the windshield guy wasn’t going to be there for a bit and, when the new windshield was put in, it had to sit for an hour, anyways. Before we left, I explained to my Southern Man my experience with the squealing tires, etc.. His response? “You were probably driving too fast.” Hmmph. Figures. Two minutes later, as we were taking off, he said something definitely didn’t “feel right”, stopped the truck and looked it over. He saw nothing, so we went on our way. Got home via the highway with nothing but another clunking sound. He looked the truck over again and still didn’t see anything, but said something was definitely up with the steering, then drove it back to work, via the highway. He told me, later, that the tires had squealed when he turned into the dealership. I probably should’ve told him that he was probably driving too fast, but my mind isn’t always that vindictive. >:)

Later, after the windshield was replaced (the replacement had a chip on the inside from being in the guy’s truck for several weeks, so he didn’t charge us and won’t until/unless this one cracks and needs to be replaced–nice break, huh?), the guys put the truck up on the rack to see what was going on. A tie rod we had just replaced a few weeks earlier was completely broken; it was a faulty part.

They said the only thing holding the wheel onto the truck was the rubber dust boot, similar to the black bellows-looking thing pictured on the tie rod below:

Basically, it was a miracle that the tire stayed on throughout the fifty-plus miles of steering and driving, sometimes at highway speeds, with only that little piece of plastic. My Southern Man told me several people told him that we needed to keep going to church. They all agreed that there was no mechanical explanation as to how I should have been able to steer that truck. To say we were blessed that the wheel stayed on and no harm came to either of us is an understatement. God, once again, kept us safe. I’ve always said I have very good guardian angels…this is just one more story of many that only strengthen my belief and faith in our Almighty Creator and his messengers. I’ll tell you the other stories at a later time….


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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One Response to Miracles

  1. garden2day says:

    So glad you are ok! Yes, I believe! Sounds like my husband a few years ago with his patrol car. It had been wrecked and fixed and he was driving down the road when the engine fell out! No kidding! It wasn’t bolted back in. Had he been going any faster he would have wrecked and at the speeds he goes in that thing sometimes it would not have been a pretty sight. Yes, I believe! We are so very blessed. Glad to see you back. I am playing catch up this pm from little health issues. Take care and be careful!


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