September 11th

Yesterday, our son came home from school talking about a documentary they were watching in one of his classes about 9-11. Two French brothers, the Naudets, had been working with the New York Fire Department, filming the experiences of a “probie”. Little did they or anyone else know what their filming experience would become.


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to September 11th

  1. garden2day says:

    I used to watch this every year for a few years. It is the most powerful witness of what happened that day–from the inside. Can you imagine? This was what was going on inside while we watched from outside (me–via TV). I will never forget that day but I also began to count my blessings on each Sept 11 just a little harder wanting to remember each one for the next year. Have a most blessed day today!


    • rebelwife says:

      I can’t imagine. Just too horrible. Those that had to choose to jump are the most heartbreaking of all, I think. You’re right–we must always count our blessings! We have much to be thankful for and should not take anything, our lives and loved ones, especially, for granted.


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