The Joys of Sharing an Old Truck…and Chinese Fire Drills, fruit, etc..

Due to certain…circumstances, our son and I have to share his truck.  My Southern Man, who worked for Saab for over 20 years, bought a used Saab from Columbus, GA for cheap. It wasn’t running and, because he is an expert with these cars, he knew it was still a very good deal and could be fixed. However, with those “circumstances” that have changed in our life, he hasn’t yet been able to get it to a drivable condition. It’s verrry close, but there’s always a glitch somewhere, isn’t there? Famous saying in our household, learned the hard way: “It’s never as easy as you think”…or maybe it’s “It’s always more work than you thought”…or…well, you catch my drift!

So, as I was saying, our son and I have to share his truck. That translates to “I drive his truck most of the time and he gets it on rare occasion”. In part, this is due to him not having a job at the moment and us refusing to pay for his social life gas. That doesn’t sound quite right, does it? We only pay for gas to get him to school or church-related activities.

Now, being an older truck (1998) that was his Paw-Paw’s (I could never say or spell that properly–more on that later), the truck has…”issues”. First, the air conditioner doesn’t work. For a New Englander, no air conditioner in Lower Alabama heat, still going on in October, simply does not compute! Thankfully, the weather has “cooled off” down to the upper 70’s, lower 80’s. When the air conditioner doesn’t work, the defrost doesn’t do so well, either, hence the spare rag used to wipe the fog off the windshield while driving.

Second, a hose/line to/from the radiator has a leak, hence the gallon jug that is on our front porch. Every morning we put at least one gallon of water into the radiator. One day last week, I didn’t screw the cap on properly and all the water boiled out. What a lovely aroma that produced! I was very upset with myself because I always check the cap, but apparently I didn’t do it thoroughly enough that one time. Fortunately, it wasn’t overheated for very long, so we don’t think there was much, if any damage. As a matter of fact, I was just wondering if the excess heat could have somehow helped the situation because we don’t seem to have to add as much water in the mornings. Our son thinks it’s because the weather has gotten “cooler”. I prefer to think that the overheating was God’s way of helping fix the truck. I guess I will have to ask my Southern Man, the expert, for his opinion.

Lastly, the passenger’s side door cannot be opened from the inside. The remedy has been to lower the window, reach out and open the door from the outside. Our daughter is a bit embarrassed and annoyed with it, especially when she gets dropped off at school in the mornings where the principal is usually standing out front to greet all the students and parents. I think that’s a very nice way to start the student’s day.

Sooo, last night, I put the window down to get out and there was a loud clunking sound and the window acted weird and I couldn’t lock, unlock or open the door; neither could our son. I didn’t do anything, I swear! Result? Our daughter is even more embarrassed and annoyed because now we can only enter and exit through the driver’s side door. Until it’s fixed, I have taken pity on her and drop her off on the side of the street right in front of the school. That way, we also won’t hold up the line as we clamber out of the truck. “Clamber”–that’s a word you don’t hear very often! Now I want some seafood. *sigh* As we were leaving for school this morning, our son joked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if this door stopped working? Then we’d be trapped in the truck! Ha ha!” Ummmm…NO!

Until my Southern Man can fix the door (hopefully this weekend!), we have to change our driving and sitting arrangements. I used to drive, our son would sit in the passenger’s seat and our daughter would sit in the middle and move to the passenger’s seat when our son was not in the truck. Now, our daughter always sits in the passenger’s seat and I either sit in the middle or driver’s seat, depending on whether our son is in the truck. Otherwise, we’d be doing a Chinese fire drill every time I had to drop one of them off or pick them up! I found a couple videos on this subject, just for fun. The second one is from the “Shaytards”. Long, but kind of funny. Sort of.

That’s a pair of zany parents, huh? Life must be interesting in that household! They even have a Facebook page.

Now, getting back to the “Paw-paw” pronunciation predicament. I had never heard the word before I met my Southern Man’s family and I had the hardest time pronouncing it. I either said “Paaa-Paaa”  or “Poh-Poh” or sounded like a New Yorker: “Puaah-Puahh”. Now, twenty-plus years later, I think I can say it somewhat like a Southerner. When I looked Paw-Paw up on the internet, I found a village in Michigan and a native North American fruit, similar to a papaya. There is a little video you can watch here and, if you click on the photo below, there is more information.

If you plug in “Pau-Pau”, which is another way I’ve seen it spelled, you get a whole list of definitions and websites ranging from an album from a European band called “Oh No! Yoko”, a Swedish musical artist, a Chinese restaurant with rave reviews in Hayden Lake, Indiana, a bay in the Bahamas, a website for exotic short-haired and Persian cats, and a Miami Beach club for exotic cats of a different species. Interesting. You must feel quite educated by now, huh?


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2 Responses to The Joys of Sharing an Old Truck…and Chinese Fire Drills, fruit, etc..

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    My son and I “shared” his car for many years, and, fortunately, his rattletrap was in better condition than your son’s truck. The arrangement worked out great for us. I paid the insurance for the privilege of driving the old beater.


  2. garden2day says:

    I feel for you all. We used to do “Red Light” when I was much younger. Oh, the things young people do… My heart and mind are there but my body isn’t willing 😀 . Take care!


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