Rigging Up the Lights….

Last spring, our son needed Christmas lights for a big class project. He only needed the red and yellow ones. Have you ever shopped for Christmas lights in March? Amazingly, there were none to be found! Who woulda thunk it? So, I told him he’d have to swap out the blue and green ones for the red and yellow ones. I also told him he’d have to swap them back. Yeah, right. Who was I kidding.

To his credit, he did start. Then my Southern Man and our daughter tried. Then the lights just weren’t working. *sigh* Who woulda thunk it? Guess where they ended up? In honor of my surrender of fixing the lights, I will share this:

So, I went and bought 2 more sets of lights for our 6-foot tree. That’s 300 colorful lights. Way under the recommended amount of 100 lights  per vertical foot of tree. Seriously, who came up with that “rule”? And look at this quote from ehow.com: “Determine how many lights you’ll need per foot of height by how bright and twinkling you want your tree: for a subdued glow, use 100 per foot; for a more stunning effect, use as many as 300 per foot.”

Seriously? If I want a “stunning effect” I need 1500 more lights? Could my tree even hold that load? Could the electrical outlet handle that? And, as it so often does, if half of one string went out, could my sanity? Nope. We are sticking to our 50-lights-per-foot tree. We think it’s pretty even if it only has a sub-subdued glow…or would that be considered a glimmer? It’s all relative to how dark the room is anyways, isn’t it?

Now that I’ve rigged up the lights, I will hand over my former job of putting up the ornaments to our daughter. After which and unbeknownst to her, I will rearrange them for maximum visual balance. I’m sure some of you know that of which I write.  🙂


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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