A Great Family Reunion (Of Sorts)

I’ve been absent from writing, yes. We have had major changes going on in our lives for the past and coming several months and blogging has taken a back seat. I just haven’t felt like putting in the time and effort. Shame on me. I should know that I can simply blog about little things and thoughts, not write a book. If you could see my Facebook page, you’d know that I still have plenty to say! šŸ˜‰ So never fear, I’m still here.

Just a brief summary of the happenings: new job, high school prom, pictures, stray tuxedo cat care, graduation, out-of-town visitors, packing, relocation and so on, plus the normal daily life occurrences. I will elaborate more once we have moved. We aren’t going far, just a few hours north of here to the northeastern area of Alabama, where it’s more mountainous and closer to family and big fun cities like Birmingham and Atlanta. Our daughter is already making shopping plans, and wants to go to the Georgia Aquarium. I am thinking of all the glorious restaurants we could visit. Seriously, I’ve been scoping them out for months!

So, a quick story. Yesterday, I saw a picture of my grandmother in a newspaper article that was posted on an Armenian newspaper FB page. She is, at 101 years of age, the last remaining survivor of the Armenian Genocide in the area of MA and NH where she lives. They will be having a dinner later this month to commemorate the Genocide, typically it’s on and during the week of April 24th, and she will be a guest of honor, the “Last of a Vanishing Breed” as she was described.

Seeing my grandmother, which of course reminds me of my Dad, who I greatly miss, just made me a tad homesick for my family. We haven’t been back to New England for two years! Hopefully, with a new school system that apparently has an October vacation, we will go up there this fall, which, as many of you know, is my favorite time of year, anyways! šŸ™‚

So last night, before I read a bit of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and then turned out my light, I prayed my usual request of peaceful, restful sleep for us all. I also put in a “special request” to be able to see my relatives in my dreams. Wouldn’t you know, God answered my prayer? He hears and can answer the simplest things. I saw my brothers, my Southern Man, several cousins and their wives, and, there was a baseball game involved (we were watching, not playing)! I don’t recall everyone I saw or if I saw my Dad, but I woke up and the realization immediately hit me that my prayer had been answered. I was given a family reunion, of sorts, and the happy feeling it gave me was a great way to start the day.

Hopefully, at least a partial reunion will be a reality this coming fall. My only somber prayer now, is that a couple people I know who are walking near the line between this life and the next, will still be there when we visit–and hopefully, long afterwards.

SLEEP Sweet Dreams Scripture_3


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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One Response to A Great Family Reunion (Of Sorts)

  1. Bette Jackson says:

    Julie I hope you can make it home for the reunion. Hard to believe that Nellie is that age. I will be praying for you to be able to come home and see your family during that time.


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