Literary Classics

I have been reading Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne these past few nights. My daughter reminded me that I had acquired some books that are classics, some of which I have never read or read so long ago (as in high school) that I don’t remember much of them. I thought of another book by Jules Verne that I haven’t read and want to in the near future: The Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

As you probably know, there have been several movies made that were adapted from the book, some very loosely as I understand. I found one on youtube that I am watching and thought you might be interested. It’s from 1999 and, since I’m only 21 minutes in, I have no idea what the special effects will be like, so be aware that it is from 14 years ago. It was a Hallmark Channel mini-series (this may be an invitation for some and a warning for others) and is almost 3 hours long, so I may have to watch it in increments in-between packing. Based on some of the reviews, there may be other versions that are better, both plot and quality-wise, but I couldn’t find them on youtube, so…oh, well! And, it may turn out that it is nothing like the book. Time will tell…3 hours of time. 😉


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