Old Chinese Fortune Cookie Fortune

When I was in my senior year of college, I bought a small unfinished bookcase for my apartment and varnished it. I was very proud of myself. Not sure why, but whatever. That was back in…1987. Wow. Anyways, at some point that year, I must have gone out for Chinese food and felt the need to save the little piece of paper from my fortune cookie. I even taped it to the back of the bookshelf where it is still sticking around 26 years later:

camera 2990

Interesting. Looking back on the past 26 years, I would say that it’s pretty spot-on. Sometimes I wonder what might have happened if I’d gotten one that said ” 🙂 You will hit the lottery and become a gazillionaire. 🙂 “, not that I really believe in fortune cookie fortunes. Did they even have the lottery, back then? Even if they did, I was a college kid and didn’t have the money to spare for lottery tickets. 🙂

As short as our lives seem in retrospect, i.e. “time flies”, there sure is a lot of “life” crammed in there. Now I may not be a famous explorer or actress or someone else you might read about in a history book someday, but my life is definitely full. Yes, it’s been arduous at times and yes, it’s had its ample rewards. Personally, I’m sort of hoping the next 26 years will be a little heavier on the ample rewards part and lighter on the arduousness, but I can’t really complain, you know? We have been blessed beyond all measure in many ways…. God is good!


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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