Hmm…a facet you may or may not like?

If you could see my FB page, especially while my Southern Man and I were separated (job-, not marriage-related), you would probably have blocked or “un-friended” me…unless you are a conservative. I generally have kept politics off my blog, because I want it to be uplifting, humorous, encouraging, inspirational, and even a little educational–if we’re lucky. Granted there have been a couple times I have vented my political frustrations, but I tend to subject all my FB friends to that, instead. Whoever’s left,  that is. (No pun intended)  😉  So let me just flat-out tell you that I am a patriotic (which you knew), conservative (which you may or may not have known), Christian (which you probably have figured out), Yankee (don’t go by the name of my blog) woman (which I HOPE you’ve figured out!). *Note: these descriptive words are not necessarily in order of importance.

While my Southern Man was living 4 hours away, I blogged much less, but posted on FB a lot. A LOT. I may have had a problem. I felt like, because it was just the kids and I living alone without the “man of the house”, I needed to be more vigilant (than I already am) about what was happening in our country and the world.

Reading, hearing, and watching current events can get very stressful and extremely frustrating. First of all, there’s so much that needs to be weeded out to find the truths: misinformation, knee-jerk reactions, lies, rumors, conspiracy theories, etc.. Once you’ve been doing this for a while, you realize that, especially in this digital age, deception is so easy. I’ll show some examples at a later time. They involve a supposed prank gone bad and a killer whale attack. Very convincing. Now, just imagine those people who get that the email or phone call and give out their financial information only to find themselves on the news talking about how all their cash assets and/or identities were stolen. Those people are probably very easily fooled, taking so much at face-value. Add in the lack of education in regards to our Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, the over-abundance of popular goofy television shows which do nothing to intellectually stimulate anyone’s brain, the dumbing-down of our educational system, general apathy, entitlement attitudes, political correctness, and a deceptive mainstream media or as we political junkies call them, the “MSM” (and you thought MSM only stood for methylsulfonylmethane), and it’s very easy to deceive people.

In searching for truth, one must turn to non-traditional media outlets and personalities. There are several major ones that I used to listen to, but quite frankly, I got sick of them, plus I didn’t feel like devoting 3-9 hours of my eardrums vibrating to their shows. So, in my internet travels, I found several new people, including this guy: Joe Dan Gorman. His thoughts and opinions are presented in his Intellectual Frog Legs videos which at around 20 minutes, are much shorter than 3-9 hours and are, as you can probably gather from the name, humorous and entertaining, yet educational.

One must have a sense of humor (translation: NOT be politically-correct) to watch these or one might get offended. But, you know what? I think more Americans need to be offended in order to wake them up! I often feel like my FB posts are falling on a vast majority of deaf ears and blind eyes. It’s frustrating, disheartening, at times, and saddening to see our country–its principles, values, and freedoms–go down the toilet. I keep praying that things will change before it’s too late. This man and people like him, are lights in a world where we are in danger of darkness overtaking us. Therefore, I will be posting his videos on my blog. If you have not ventured into the world of non-traditional media, let me introduce you to this Mr. Joe Dan:


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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