To Drawl or Not to Drawl

Ever since we moved down here in 2010, our daughter has made it clear that she would fight acquiring a Southern accent. That is until yesterday when she acknowledged that in spite of her valiant efforts, she is starting to sound less New England-y and more Southern. With some resignation, she admitted that now that we live in northeast Alabama where there isn’t such a huge influx of military families from all over the country like there was in Enterprise, her friends here have stronger Southern accents and that it’s starting to rub off on her. She also said that considering her Daddy and his side of the family are all Southern, which makes her “half-Southern”, getting a Southern accent wouldn’t be so bad because it’s part of her heritage. I told her there is nothing wrong with getting a Southern drawl; that they are charming-sounding and you can have one and still sound intelligent, especially if you speak in a grammatically-correct manner. That’s when she quipped, “Double-negatives are a no-no!”

I told her that when I first moved to Birmingham back in the early nineties, after living there for three years, I definitely got a Southern accent. Granted, there were some words I did not and will never pronounce like my Southern Man does, but I did get a bit of a drawl and/or, at times, a twang that made conversations with my sister-in-law-to-be, who grew up in the Boston area and went to school in Rhode Island, interesting, to say the least. After we moved back up to New England and I regained my accent to the point that she and I could have conversations we could mutually understand, she told me that when I would call from Alabama, she’d hand the phone over to my family because I may as well have been speaking a foreign language. My Southern Man said I had more of a Texas accent, than an Alabama one. That is kind of funny, since I’ve never even been to Texas…maybe it’s a combination of New England and Alabama accents? Who knows. I suppose since some of us never have really strong accents to begin with, we have a tendency to pick them up more-so than other people might–kind of the whole “when in Rome” thang. 😉

accent ducks

Here’s a link to a short quiz that tells you what area of the USA your accent is from. I took it and still got “Northeast New England”. 🙂


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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