Lots of Fluff

Today’s topic is brought to you courtesy of Facebook and our son, who posted this on my timeline sometime in the wee hours of the night while he was catching up on some procrastination projects:

LIVE Free OR DIE. 603 Born Liked · 12 hours ago ``` ALMOST TIME FOR FLUFF IN COCOA ```

LIVE Free OR DIE. 603 Born
Liked · 12 hours ago

Of course, I had to share the fluff with all my friends, so I re-posted it with this remark: “Oh, yeah! I love putting a dollop of fluff in my cocoa and having it slowly melt and ooze out to cover and seal the top of the cup with a molten puddle of marshmallow fluff goodness! Who’s with me?” And, of course, there are several people who are with me. 🙂

A little while later I found this on another friend’s page:

Vintage Fluff

Vintage Fluff

It had a long description of the history, but I went straight to the horse’s mouth to get the low-down on all this Fluff: http://www.marshmallowfluff.com

Their website tells you everything you could ever want to know about Fluff: its history, recipes, flavors, ingredients, where to buy it, an FAQ section, vintage jingles, coloring pages to print out for your kids (or you, if you still like to get in touch with your inner child), and a scrapbook section made up of pictures of fans enjoying Fluff–mostly children, using the well-known digestion method of facial osmosis. It even has a whole page dedicated to the famous “Fluffernutter” sandwich, commonly pronounced “Fluffah-nuttah” by many a New Englander, including a commercial with directions about how to make one. Oh, yummy!


And, if you are a really BIG fan of Fluff, you can go the “What the Fluff?: A Tribute to Union Square Invention Annual Fluff Festival” in Sommerville, Massachusetts to be held next Saturday, the 28th. Incidentally, one of the sponsors is Teddy Peanut Butter…perfect!


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