Nagging vs. Repetition…repetition…repetition…repetition….

Have I ever told you how much I hate to repeat myself? Hmmm? Have I? I hate repeating myself! Any mom can tell you that constant repetition, also known as “What am I?  A broken record?!?” syndrome,  is part of the job description. I guess for younger moms it must be “scratched CD” rather than broken record. Those of you moms who only use usb devices…you’re on your own with this mom-ism.

I pride myself on not being a nagging wife to my Southern Man. I’ve even asked him his opinion on the matter and if I was a nagger, believe me, he would’ve let me know. I mean, granted, I have my occasional nagging moments, but not enough to  be classified as a nagging wife. Whew! I never wanted to be that kind of a wife–or mom. Our children, however, have had a different opinion on the matter–to which I have respectfully replied, “Pthblpbplthpt!”

naggerSo the question is, in your children’s eyes, at what point does repetition become nagging? If you ask them, their answer will probably be the second time you tell them to do something when it’s actually probably at least the fourth or fifth time you’ve told them, because they don’t hear 85% of what you say. Either that, or they have heard you, but haven’t listened. Either that, or they have listened, but chosen to ignore you.

Personally, I think somebody should come up with some mathematical equations that Moms can use to determine when we’ve crossed that “red line in the sand” in their kids’ heads from mere repetition to nagging. There have to be some inversely proportional relationships there, somewhere! Just imagine if we could take an equation and plug in values for all the different variables for a particular task. Let’s see…desire of mom for child to do said task over child’s desire to do task  multiplied by the child’s present preoccupation equals chance of task getting done after only one or two reminders:  (fntz/nil) (2bz) = 1/haha  or something like that. There may be a few other variables like time of day, age of child, degree of Momma-tone, severity of “the look”, and so on. This could get pretty complicated…any takers?


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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