Good morning!

Normally, I would not want to even see these types of photos at all, especially first thing in the morning. However, with the sun shining through the way it was, I had to get out and try to get a decent shot of this amazing spider web. (I really need some time learning my camera and how to take good pictures.)

This was made by an orb weaver spider. They make amazing webs. Thankfully, this one is not in our entry-way. Yikes! I also have warned my Southern Man of its location so that the next time he mows the lawn, he won’t end up wearing it. Holy cow! Just the thought of walking through this sends chills up my spine!

camera 3109

Amazing, isn’t it? What a work of art!

camera 3119

Just the main part of the web is over a foot across; the whole web itself is about three to four feet in diameter. Most of it is attached to  a piece of electrical/phone line that is stuck hanging in this tree in our front yard. While I was taking pictures, lil Miss Charlotte did a few repairs, then went back and settled into the center. I found a video of someone in Alabama who filmed one of these spiders weaving their web.

I love reading the comment sections of videos and news articles. This was my favorite one for this video: “Very talented. Six legs weave a web and two legs strum away to make really cool music.”

The spider in our yard has fewer spines and is much whiter with black spots than the one in the video; all the ones I’ve seen (mostly pictures) seem to look pretty unique. When I see things like this in nature, I wonder how anyone could believe that this just happened, just evolved. Look at how intricate the web is. Marvel at the thought of the spider having a silk strand producing factory in her thorax. Read all about spider silk and what science has to say about it at the link below–it’s really quite a fascinating and amazing material that man has not been able to duplicate:

How Do Spiders Make Silk?


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