Honesty & Integrity

Today, our daughter is up at a local university, attending a “Writers’ Bowl” as part of her school’s writing team. On the way there, they stopped for breakfast. She sent me this text: “I got a water at mcdonalds but they didn’t charge me for it. So I went back and told then and paid, and everyone is like “why did you go back?!” And I’m just like HONESTY IS A VIRTUE”.

My response: “Good girl. I would expect nothing less. 🙂 ”

First, let me point out that her writing ability far surpasses what her texting looks like–which unfortunately, cannot be said of everyone, these days–especially when you factor in auto-correct! More importantly, though, it’s incidents like this one that, as a parent, make you proud, happy, and perhaps even relieved that you have succeeded in bringing up a child with good values and character. We have been blessed with two such children. This is the kind of legacy that our parents and grandparents demonstrated and passed on to us and we can only hope that our children will do the same, one day. In the meantime, we pray that they will continue to be a shining example of goodness, no matter how trivial the matter at hand may be and no matter who does or doesn’t see it. As we’ve always told them, God sees everything.



About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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