Cold Weather

Last night, the temperatures in Alabama got down to the twenties with a wind chill in the teens. Brrrr, right? The television reporter advised parents to keep their kids in the car while waiting for the bus to pick them up. My Southern Man saw a mother and child, decked out in their winter coats, waiting for the bus. The mom had a blanket wrapped around the child until the bus arrived, then she unwrapped the child, who scooted onto the bus. Yes, I am amused–just like I get amused when public panic ensues after a report of a possible snowflake sighting, resulting in barren store shelves. Why is it that everyone goes on a bread and milk kick when there’s snow coming?

I admit it. I miss winter. I miss cold. I miss snow. I miss the clean, crisp scent of the air after a crystal-clear night or during a gentle snowfall. I miss the sounds of lake ice booming as it shifts in the quiet stillness of the night. I miss driving my studded snow tire-equipped Saab on a deserted, freshly-plowed, snow-packed dirt road. I miss driving my studded snow tire-equipped Saab on a deserted, freshly plowed, snow-packed dirt road at night with my lights off because it’s a full moon and the snow reflecting the moonlight brightens everything up so much that it’s almost like it’s daylight. I miss the squeaky crunch of snow under your boots when the temperatures are really cold. I miss the sun shining on clean, virgin snow making it look like a field of tiny, sparkling diamonds. Snowflakes. Snowball fights. Snowmen. Snow angels. Maple-syrup snow cones. Sledding. Bonfires on lake ice. Ice-fishing. Snowmobiling. White Christmases. Crystal feathers painted on windows (not very well-insulated windows) courtesy of Jack Frost. A tree-full of snow suddenly letting loose on your neighbor. The desperate contortions of someone slipping and trying to avoid falling on a patch of ice (sometimes referred to as “Human Bowling” or “People Dominoes”, depending on the number of victims).

Am I the only one who gets a slight feeling of satisfaction and amusement when I see reporters slipping and falling as they are talking about the icy conditions or being blown about as they are standing in a hurricane telling everyone how windy it is? I doubt it.

On the flip-side, I don’t miss falling on the ice when it’s me. I don’t miss dealing with the crying and pain of thawing out fingers and toes because someone didn’t wear the proper winter gear (including plastic bags in their boots and Vaseline on their cheeks and lips)  like they were told and/or didn’t come in when they were told. I don’t miss shoveling the driveway. I don’t miss digging out my mailbox from snowplow packed snow. I don’t miss shoveling the driveway again, after the *beep* plow-guy drives by right after I finished shoveling the driveway! (As demonstrated near the end of this music video from the Super Secret Project.)

Granted, I loved hearing a plow truck if it was doing our driveway and seeing the sparks flying from a team of DOT trucks plowing snow on the highways at night was pretty cool! However, I don’t miss the salt on the roads slowly corroding my car. I don’t miss the ice-storms. I don’t miss the sub-zero windchill factors. I’m not sure if I miss the snow days. I don’t miss the thawing, muddy mess in the spring. I don’t miss the gray, gloomy, depressing days. I don’t miss my Southern Man telling me that he thinks I might have S.A.D. and should live in a more Southern climate where there’s more sunshine.

I guess what it ultimately boils down to is this: yes, I miss cold weather and many things about winter, but I really don’t miss the five or six months of bone-chilling winter we typically experienced. I like my winters to be three or four months long, starting in November or December and ending in February. Yes, by February I was definitely done with winter. Doesn’t it seem logical that when you live in a place with 4 seasons and there are 12 months, there should be about 3 months per season, especially the ones you don’t like? Apparently not.

Anyway, after a high only in the 40’s today, we are set to have temperatures down in the 20’s again, tonight. After that, it’s supposed to warm up to the 60’s and even 70’s. So, hang in there Alabama people. You’ll be just fine. Unless and until my prayers are answered and we get that white Christmas I’m hoping for. 😀


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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2 Responses to Cold Weather

  1. garden2day says:

    I’m so glad that there are parents who care enough about their children to want to keep them warm. It sounds like the mom actually loves her child. I applaud these people. 🙂 Children are precious. Later, the child will (hopefully) remember that mom cared enough to do this.

    There is so much selfishness in the world such as mothers who could NOT care any less about their children. I have met some unfortunately–and there are people who have no heat at home–some have no homes. May God bless them. Sorry. Take care and have a blessed day!


    • rebelwife says:

      This post was meant to be humorous, based on my own observations, memories, and experiences, not to mock loving parents or make light of people who are truly suffering from the cold temperatures. I apologize if it was taken that way and caused any upset.

      That being said, there are many people suffering that are homeless or lacking heat in their homes here and throughout our country. I hope those of us who are blessed with warm homes, food, family & friends will not just pray for them, but do what we can to help them–donating money, food, blankets, clothing–whatever is needed–to local shelters & churches or someone we may personally know of.


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