Monday Murmurations

Do you know what a murmuration is? It’s the action of murmuring, yes, but it’s also hundreds, thousands, or even millions of these birds, known as European Starlings,

Starlingflying in huge ever-changing formations–without ever crashing into each other! It’s a truly amazing phenomenon that science doesn’t completely grasp. After all, imagine if we tried to do something like this:

Forget the whole flying part of it; we couldn’t even do it on the ground. Inevitably, someone would crash into someone else and there would be a domino effect, fights would ensue, followed by litigation, I’m sure. Starling are above all that. 😀

Apparently, one of the reasons that starlings fly in these formations is to avoid predators like peregrine falcons, as shown in this video filmed in Rome:

Starlings do a get bad rap for being a pest, not to mention the fall-out (literally) from having millions of birds cavorting in the clouds over cities like Rome. Here in the United States, they are considered an invasive species, although man certainly helped with that as we were the ones that introduced them in the 1800’s. We seem to have a track-record for introducing non-native species for some logical purpose, only to have the species take over decades later, leaving us to complain about and do battle with them. Kudzu comes to mind…another day!

Regardless, starlings are still amazing creatures to watch when they congregate and fly in these murmurations. I’ve only seen it on a small scale, but those that are fortunate to witness these types of murmurations…what a special privilege. This final video includes some narrative from the man who was filming it. Enjoy!


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