Interpreting Interpretive

The highest point in the state of Alabama, Mount Cheaha, is within view of our living room window. The state park and Talladega National Forest, which encompasses it, both offer many trails for hiking. We have yet to go hiking there, especially since our last hiking…adventure. The Facebook page for Cheaha State Park posts announcements of their activities, including hiking opportunities, which they often refer to as “interpretive hikes”. Apparently, interpretive hike is what they call a hike that has signage or brochures to inform you about the plants, animals, points of interest, and other facts of the trail you are hiking.

Cheaha Day Hike

However, with my imagination, the first image that comes to mind when I read the words “interpretive hike” is a long line of people dancing down the wooded trail, jumping, twirling, and doing an occasional pirouette on a jutting stone or tree stump. Why? Because when I read the words “interpretive hike”, I think of “interpretive dance”, something like this:

Or from a humorous standpoint (a little bit crude at times, perhaps) these:

Interpretive hikes are far more educational than the interpretive dances, but certainly nowhere near as entertaining, don’t you think? (Those last videos would probably be considered more miming than dancing, but they’re still entertaining and interpretive.) Nonetheless, I believe I’d prefer to go on the interpretive hike, and hope to do so as soon as the weather warms up–it’s been a fairly chilly and wet winter in NE Alabama, thus far. When we finally DO venture out for another hike, maybe I’ll see if I can get our daughter to do a little interpretive dance on the hiking trail for me to film…highly unlikely, but it’s worth a shot. 🙂


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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